I am an ethnographer of music media who writes about gestures, listening norms, and bodily interactions with playback devices.

I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Northeastern University, where I teach courses on world music, popular music, and musical communities of Boston.

ByrdI have a PhD in ethnomusicology (Brown University) and master’s degrees in American studies (University of Alabama) and ethnomusicology (Brown University). Some of the keywords that run across my research would be: music reception, sound studies, digital media, disability studies, U.S. cultural history, and trans-Pacific popular culture.

My research has been funded by the American Folklife Center and Association for Recorded Sound Collections. My recent work can be found in Ethnomusicology, American Quarterly, and Disability Studies Quarterly. I am currently working on two articles: one on popular music reaction videos on YouTube and another on how music podcasts script certain listening norms towards popular music.

I have taught at Brown University, Tufts University, and the University of Alabama, and I have spent my life in Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, and Rhode Island.

I’m a karaoke enthusiast and working on my air guitar skills.

byrd.mcdaniel [at] gmail.com