Work Experience

I have designed and taught three courses in music and American studies departments: “Music, Technology, and Digital Culture” (Tufts University), “East Asian Popular Music” (Brown University), and “The Meaning of Mashups” (University of Alabama). I have also served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for eight courses on topics that address music specifically or focus on broader cultural phenomena (listed below). I will complete my dissertation in the spring of 2018 and seek full time employment for the following school year.

Lecturer at Tufts University (Medford, MA / Jan. 2017 – Present)

  • Music, Technology, and Digital Culture I designed and am teaching a course on historical and contemporary aspects of music and technology, with case studies on the phonograph, radio, electric guitar, synthesizer,, music video games, and the mp3 format.

Music Teaching Fellow at Brown University (Providence, RI / Sept. 2016 – Dec. 2016)

  • East Asian Popular Music I designed a course that featured units on K-Pop, karaoke, Chinese rock music, Japanese hip hop, and global circulations of music from this area of the world.

Graduate Teaching Assistant at Brown University (Providence, RI / Sept. 2014 – May 2016)

  • Music and Modern Life Upper-level survey of music in the 21st century, focusing on taste, industry, technology, regulation, and identity and drawing on a mix of theoretical texts and case studies
  • American Roots Music Upper-level exploration of the construction of regional, national, and ethnic identities, with case studies in African American, Mexican American, and Anglo American traditions/repertoires in Appalachia, the city of Chicago, and the state of California
  • World Music Entry-level survey course on global circulations of music and their specific configurations in the Providence area, with numerous local fieldtrips and guest speakers

Instructor at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL / Jan. 2013-Mar. 2013)

  • The Meaning of Mashups I designed and taught this course that analyzed the breakdown between “consumption’” and “production” of popular music, by analyzing remix, remediation, sampling, copyright, and theories of ownership

Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL / Aug. 2012-May 2013)

  • Contemporary Music in America Upper-level survey of popular music in the 20th and 21st centuries, emphasizing genre history, identity, and the cultural history of the United States   
  • American Experience I Broad introduction to American Studies and the cultural and political history of the United States, emphasizing issues related to race and nationality from colonial North America to the Civil War
  • American Experience II Broad introduction to American Studies and the cultural and political history of the United States, emphasizing issues related to regional identity and gender from the Civil War to the 21st century 
  • Football in American Culture Entry-level examination of the political, economic, psychological, and cultural dimensions of sports culture in the United States, particularly as it relates Manifest Destiny, neoliberalism, and the corporatization of universities  
  • Introduction to Southern Studies A literature-focused course analyzing the construction of the South as a region and regional identity, with a variety of case studies, theoretical texts, and broad historical overviews